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Acapulco Boat Rental Tours

Natural beautiful environment, golden sand, tropical weather, warm sea water, and friendly people – Acapulco has it all. Consistently ranked as one of the most popular boat charter destinations in Mexico amongst savvy travelers across the world, it is also Mexico’s original party town. Surrounded by soaring cliffs, wide bays, sandy beaches and backed by jungle-green hills, it has been dubbed as the “Pearl of the Pacific.” Acapulco – the former playground for the rich and famous – is the perfect getaway for those looking for outdoor adventures. From family-friendly fun to cliff diving to snorkeling, you'll find plenty of things to see and do in Acapulco.

boat rental tours Acapulco

Things To See and Do in AcapulcoWater Activities – Acapulco is home to numerous inlets, rivers, and lakes that provides spectacular views. You can be part of many water-based activities such as fishing, snorkeling, boating and much more. If you want to enjoy cliff diving, then you must visit La Quebrada. Here, the cliff divers jump from the high cliffs, often twisting and turning acrobatically in the air, before safely landing in the waters at the bottom at La Quebrada. The cliff divers perform five times a day. It is true entertainment, nerve-wracking and incredibly impressive, all in one dive. Cruise over the azure waves of Acapulco Bay to La Roqueta. Snorkel through its rocky coves for a look at the island's vibrant marine life and colorful coral reefs. The city and its surrounding waters have some of the best scuba diving destinations in the world. Bufadero, Puerto Marques, Caleta, Caletilla, Los Bajos De La Quebrada, Palmitas and La Roqueta are popular diving spots in Acapulco. You can expect to see some of the spectacular marine species such as huge green Murray's, boxfish, octopus, balloonfish. If you are looking for a wild adventure such as white water rafting and exciting high-speed boat ride, then you can head to Papagayo River. Sportfishing in Acapulco has been a popular activity for years. Sailfish can be found in abundance here. The anglers can also end up hooking Pacific Blue Marlin and Dorado. Night time bottom fishing is done in the Acapulco Bay and surrounding area where red snapper & grouper can be caught. Sports fishing is an activity that you should not miss out on during your boat charter vacation in Acapulco.


Parks, Gardens and Wildlife – Exotic flora and fauna can easily be found among Acapulco's many jungles, mountains, lagoons and virgin beaches. There are diverse species of birds, mammals, and dozens of species of reptiles and amphibians. El Veladero National Park is the crown jewel of Acapulco. Most of the park is covered with jungle vegetation and deciduous trees. Sea eagles, song birds and many other bird species are in abundance, as well as small mammals, reptiles (including boa constrictors and iguanas) and insects of all sorts. El Veladero National Park is a great place for hiking and horseback riding. Around the Laguna de Coyuca and on the four islands in the middle there is a bird sanctuary. Here, you can look for Presidio, Montosa, Pío Quinto and Pájaros. Black and white herons, pelicans, ducks, storks, and many other aquatic species can be photographed there. At Papagayo Park, visitors can interact with a wide variety of animals and birds that migrate from the northern part of the continent. The park has a soccer field, basketball and volleyball courts. The island of La Roqueta has a small zoo that boasts a surprisingly diverse array of species of birds such as Russet-crowned Motmot – famous for posing nicely for photos, including iguanas, deer, monkeys, giraffes, crocodile, antelopes, tigers and lions.


Best Beaches – The magical beaches of soft golden sand, blue-colored warm waves, and exotic swaying palm trees are of course one of the main attractions of Acapulco. Just about any water sport under the sun is available at the beaches and water skiing was virtually invented here! Caleta Beach is popular for families with kids. For swimming, it is still one of the best in Acapulco. All the Parasailing and waverunners enthusiasts head to Icacos Beach. Located in the center of Acapulco Bay, Condesa beach is another popular beach for tourists and locals. The beach has a playground and a number of beach volleyball courts. Pie de la Cuesta is the perfect beach for those looking for horseback riding and to catch the eye-captivating views of the setting sun. Hornos & Tamarindos Beaches are the center for fishermen, and the place is very active from the early morning hours.


Tourist Attractions – With its mild climate and a number of tourist attractions, Acapulco is a paradise for leisure activities. For many Acapulco visitors, The Cathedral of Our Lady of Solitude is a place where their trip begins. Famous for its Moorish style dome and Byzantine towers, the charming interior of the cathedral is decorated with gold details. You can visit Centro Internacional Acapulco. This hotel zone caters to 15,000 people. One of the most famous rooms is the Teotihuacan room, which is 68,000 square feet in size and 30 feet high. Centro Internacional Acapulco hosts some of the world-famous events. El Rollo Acapulco – the modern water park is the perfect getaway for the whole family for here you can enjoy water slides, pools, and a dolphin show. Acapulco is also home to 18-hole golf courses. In addition, the Acapulco Golf Club has a 9-hole course that is located next to the Convention Center. All the visitors looking for a chance to discover a unique art form, visit the “House of Masks”. Using multicolored masks, the Guerrerenses craftsmen take us on a fantastic journey through their religion and culture. Do not miss out on a visit to old San Diego Fort – famous for its unique pentagon shape. Today this important monument houses a history museum.


Dining and Shopping – Acapulco seduces the senses of every visitor with its mesmerizing natural beauty, spectacular sunsets and vibrant nightlife as well as a wonderful array of restaurants that satiate the taste buds of every food lover from all over the world. Acapulco also offers a wide selection of exquisite fish and seafood options. The restaurants in Acapulco are located in the downtown area, on the beaches and along the coast. The restaurants specialize in serving seafood with a style and flavor traditional to the port area. The most famous dishes include the “Vuelve a la Vida" seafood cocktail and the famous fish dish “Pescado a la Talla”. The enchanting restaurants serve white & green pozole, delicious tamales guerrerenses, classic guerrero dish and the very famous coconut and tamarind candies. Shopping in Acapulco is also a major part of the tourist experience. Visit the La Isla Acapulco Shopping Village that houses major shops, boutiques, cinemas and international restaurants. To purchase the finest selection of international fashions and jewelry, footwear, furniture, sporting goods, visit Plaza Bahia. Other famous shopping hubs in Acapulco are the Artisan Market – famous for the great selection of clothes and Mexican souvenirs, and Costera Miguel Aleman – the wonderful avenue to purchase casual fashions and beachwear.


Day Trips – Acapulco is a vibrant and colorful city that has a lot to offer each and every visitor.  Famous for its incredible sunsets, Pie de la Cuesta is the perfect spot to visit when considering closest side trips from Acapulco. Located on the other side of the peninsula, Coyuca Lagoon is one of the most picturesque parts of Acapulco, famous for its tropical vegetation and the location for many Hollywood films. While in Acapulco for vacation, you can also plan a visit to Taxco – the silver capital of the world. Xochicalco is the site famous for the preservation of Mayan ruins complete with a fortified settlement.


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