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Adventurous Scuba Diving Acapulco

 Adventurous Scuba Diving & Snorkeling Acapulco

Scuba Diving & Snorkeling

The Acapulco Bay and its surrounding cruising destinations offer world-class scuba diving and snorkeling experiences, from the breathtaking underwater shrine to the amazing sea life, spectacular snorkel sites, wreck dives and interesting places to swim.. With crystal clear waters and an abundance of tropical fish species, Acapulco is a great destination for those seeking an adventurous underwater experience.

Acapulco Bay is located on a deep, semicircular bay with the Pacific Ocean on its western side providing divers and snorkelers scuba diving and snorkeling opportunities in its pristine aquatic environment with wondrous rock formations & caves below the surface of the crystal clear waters. Discover the fascinating underwater world of Isla Roqueta and experience the beauty of submerged chapel Virgin of the Seas (de la Virgen de Guadalupe). You can find a diverse variety of marine fauna including octopus, lobster, turtle, seahorse, sea urchin, sea cucumber, and puffers while diving in the waters of Puerto Marqués. Rio de La Plata is an excellent wreck dive site for both experienced divers and adventure seekers alike. Advanced drift divers or current divers can enjoy diving in Bufadero which has great swim-throughs and huge rock formations. Whether you're looking to explore a sunken ship, swim with friendly tropical fish or want to enjoy drift diving, there are plenty of exhilarating adventurous snorkel & dive sites in Acapulco waiting to be explored and discovered.

Let Yachts Acapulco help you explore this Mexican resort town's excellent snorkel & dive destinations with our quality yacht charter service. We pride ourselves on providing you with the best means of experiencing the underwater world of this bountiful stretch of Acapulco waters. Discover the beauty of Acapulco's underwater world under the guidance of our professional dive masters and make some great memories. Browse our 'Destinations Scuba' page to find out more about the different diving sites in and around Acapulco. To book your snorkel or dive excursion with us, complete our Contact Form by clicking here and let us know your specific charter needs by directly calling our charter experts on the number listed at the top of the page. Come and enjoy an unforgettable snorkel & dive adventure with our dive instructors in Acapulco!.