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Ask Your Team to Try Out Scuba Diving while Enjoying a Dream Vacation in Acapulco

Ask Your Team to Try Out Scuba Diving while Enjoying a Dream Vacation in Acapulco

For most small, medium size and even large businesses, it is vital to set the tone of having a great time for your clients and/or employees. When it comes to selecting the destination and venue to make your corporate event a memorable fiesta for all – Acapulco is the destination to be. When it comes to the venue for hosting it, a private yacht charter is the best option.


Whether it be the natural spectacular vistas, golden sand, tropical weather and warm sea water, Acapulco is Mexico’s original party town. Consistently ranked as one of the most popular tourist destinations in Mexico amongst savvy travelers across the world, the surrounding azure waters make adventurous scuba diving in Acapulco – a must do activity for all.


Adventurous Scuba Diving Acapulco

It is home to some of the best scuba diving destinations in the world. Las Cuevas, Los Bajos De La Quebrada, Palmitas and Rio De La Plata are popular diving spots in Acapulco. You can expect to see some of the spectacular marine species such as huge green Murray's, boxfish, octopus and balloonfish.


Destinations To Try Scuba Diving in Acapulco


La Quebrada – The employees or your clients will surely enjoy this event!! Watch as the cliff divers jump from a 115-foot high cliff often twisting and turning acrobatically in the air. La Quebrada cliff diving has become a symbol of the city and a popular Acapulco attraction. For generations, brave young men and women plunge downwards from the majestic cliff into a narrow access where huge waves crash against the rocks. It is true entertainment, both nerve-wracking and incredibly impressive all in one go. The cliff divers perform 4 times in a day. The timing of the dive is crucial and must be perfectly executed due to dangerous underwater conditions.


Los Bajos – The divers will have to swim through interesting rock formations where they can spot different types of fish species. It is advised that only advanced certified divers who are well experienced in drift and current dives should try diving here.


Palmitas – This dive site never experiences low current. Indeed, it is a good dive site for all those looking for free diving and snorkeling. It is home to tiny little coral formations. One can frequently come across the eagle rays and spotted eels while diving here.


Laberinth – This dive site is only accessible during the calm season ranging from October to May. It is home to some mystics and great canyons. It is recommended that you try out diving under the guidance of professional experts else you could get easily lost. Half of the dive site is accessible for beginners while the remaining can only be accessed by certified divers. Of course on the surface all snorkeler are welcome.


La Cagada – La Cagada is considered to be one of the best dive spots in Acapulco. Surface and underwater current can be expected during the dive. Only divers who have years of experience are permitted to try diving at this site. Surface and underwater current can be expected during the dive. While diving, you can come across different kinds of fish species. You can also spot eagle rays.


El Jardin – This beautiful dive garden is home to a myriad of fishes such as Balloonfish, Scorpionfish, Stingrays, Boxfish, Murrays, Starfish, Turtles, Barberfish, Sergan Major fish, Blenny's, Surgeonfish and Eagle Ray's. If you are a tropical fish lover, this is the spot for you.


Rio De La Plata – Rio de La Plata (River of Silver) is the last name of this Italian made vessel. The broad range of marine vegetation that surrounds the vessel and the relatively calm and clear waters make diving here an ideal experience. This is considered a must dive scuba destination in Acapulco.


Bufadero – "Bufadero" is considered to be the most beautiful dive location – credit goes to its huge rock formations. The divers while swimming can come across different kind of fish species. Often the current at this dive site can be very strong. This dive site is only for advanced certified divers with experience in drift and current dives.


The real adventure & unlimited fun in amazing Acapulco destinations will give your team and clients the real vibe of an amazing high-end corporate party. If you are looking for an adventurous scuba diving tour in Acapulco, then we can help you plan your next trip. Yachts Acapulco specializes in providing the finest luxury yachts with great flexibility, unmatched privacy, exceptional customer service and complete opulence.