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Experiences that Make Acapulco the Perfect Vacation Escapade

Experiences that Make Acapulco the Perfect Vacation Escapade

Acapulco is Mexico's most loved beach destination. Acapulco has something to meet the taste of every wanderer, from deep-sea fishing to snorkeling and diving. If you have a dream to swim with dolphins, here in Acapulco you can make it a reality. An unforgettable experience with some of the most intelligent creatures in the sea, this is sure to be a highlight of your trip. Exploring this historical city is a must on every traveler's itinerary. After spotting the lovely places in the city, consider some other kind of adventure.


Fishing yacht charters Acapulco


Hop on your fishing yacht charter in Acapulco and try your hand at angling. The waters surrounding the city are home to sailfish, marlin and many other varieties. You can also set sail on a sunset cruise. Likewise, below are enlisted experiences that will make your trip to Acapulco an amazing one:


THE ADVENTURER – The adventurer enthusiast can witness cliff diving at La Quebrada. At La Quebrada you can see professional divers jump from the high cliffs, often twisting and turning acrobatically in the air, before safely landing in the waters at the bottom. The cliff divers perform five times a day. It is true entertainment, both nerve-racking and incredibly impressive.


THE ANGLER – Fishing is Acapulco's most enjoyed activity by the locals and tourists alike. Sports fishing has been a popular activity in Acapulco since time immemorial. This area is known for the abundant Pacific sailfish that can reach up to 10 ft and 2000 lbs. The beautiful cobalt blue color marlin and Dorado fish can be caught all throughout the year. Fishing can be enjoyed best under the guidance of an expert on board a fishing yacht charter in Acapulco.


THE HISTORY BUFF – For the history enthusiasts, a trip to Acapulco remains incomplete if you have not explored the cobblestone streets of tinsel town. Visitors should not miss a visit to the Chapel of Peace – the key highlight of the city. It features a huge cross, visible throughout the area, and is known as a place where many religions come and worship. Another one of the city’s most remarkable places is the Fort of San Diego, which is now Acapulco’s oldest museum.


WATER SPORTS ENTHUSIASTS – Hop on your own private fishing yacht charter in Acapulco and cruise through the azure water to reach La Roqueta – a rocky isle dotted with paradisaical beaches and secluded coves. It is the best spot to try snorkeling and scuba diving. Here you can spot marine vegetation along with sunken ships, sea mountains, and artificial reefs. It has been consistently ranked at the top of places to enjoy scuba and snorkeling in Acapulco.


THE WILDLIFE LOVER – For those looking to get a closer experience with the animal world, Acapulco is one such destination where you can release baby sea turtles into the ocean. The professional crew on board your yacht charter, if requested in advance, can arrange your own release or visit the sanctuary. At the sanctuary, you can see the hatching period of the turtles or any other stage in their cycle. If it is the turtle release season, you can release one or two along with workers.


THE ROMANTIC – For all those heading to Acapulco with their significant other should not miss out the romantic sunset cruise. As you sail over the turquoise blue waters, catch a radiant sun setting into the Pacific Ocean. As the sky fades from blue to shades of purple, pink, orange and red, dance to the tunes of live music. You can grab a glass of your favorite wine. In no time, you’ll want to take pictures of the gorgeous scenery around Acapulco Bay.


THE SHOPAHOLIC – All the shopaholics - step into your comfortable shoes and set out to explore the eclectic streets of Acapulco's most admired local markets. Mercado de Artesanias El Parazal is the best handicraft markets around the tinsel town, however, you should be skilled at bargaining. Mercado Central is the sprawling indoor-outdoor market and has everything on display from atoles to zapatos (shoes), plus produce, hot food and souvenirs.

Acapulco is the undisputable best destination to spend a memorable time during vacation. The above-mentioned activities when experienced on board one of the luxurious fishing yacht charters in Acapulco will add more charm to your vacation.