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Have An Unforgettable Experience This Birthday in Acapulco on board a Yacht

Have An Unforgettable Experience This Birthday in Acapulco on board a Yacht

Bored of celebrating your birthdays at luxurious hotels or party halls? This year do something fun and completely unique by hosting your birthday party on board a private birthday party yacht in Acapulco. Birthday is that day of the year when you can do anything when it comes to pampering yourself and why not make your party a memorable one for both you and your friends. So, get out and experience an Acapulco yacht party, sip on a glass of your favorite wine and allow the celebration to begin against the perfect scenic backdrop.


birthday party yacht in Acapulco


Located on Mexico's Pacific coast, Acapulco – was once Mexico's original party town. The stunning topography, soaring cliffs, intimate coves, sandy beaches, jungle green hills – all add to its undeniable appeal. It was dubbed the ‘Pearl of the Pacific’ during its heyday as a playground for the rich and famous. Regardless of the age and the occasion you're here for, everybody finds it so attractive that no one can take their eyes from the architecture, natural beauty, and activities.

In Acapulco, you can host your birthday party in a unique way to make it an unforgettable one. Here are the things you can do during your birthday celebration in Acapulco.

LOOK FOR THE CLIF DIVERS AT LA QUEBRADA – La Quebrada cliff is one of the most iconic attractions in Acapulco. Whether you visit during the day or at night when the spectacle is lit by torches, the death-defying dives will surely take your breath away. The professional divers spring from vertigo-inducing heights, often plunging 100 feet into the waves below, where the water averages a shallow 12 feet deep. It's also a famous spot to take in the stunning vistas of the open ocean and mesmerizing sunsets. Hold your breath as the cliff divers perform this stunning act five times a day.

TAKE A LEISURELY STROLL ON ACAPULCO'S BEACHES – Acapulco experiences year-round weather and you can be part of the many activities along its beaches. Whether you'd like to bask lazily in the sun while your friends want to experience thrills like bungee jumping or parasailing, the beaches of Acapulco has it all. Playa Condesa is a good location for all those looking to be part of water sports activities. Playa Caleta and Caletilla have gentle waves and are preferred by families with small children. You can also head out to the lovely beach at Puerto Marques.

TAKE IN THE SPECTACULAR SUNSET VIEWS – On board your private birthday party yacht in Acapulco, catch a radiant sun setting into the Pacific. As the yacht sails over the turquoise blue waters, tap your feet to the tunes of live music and drink from an open bar as the sky fades from blue to shades of purple, pink, orange and red. Admire the sunset, see some of the city’s impressive mansions, and lighting of the city at night. Later on, sit down to treat your taste buds with mouth-watering cuisines under the shade of the stars prepared by a professional chef.

EXPLORE THE SAN DIEGO FORT – This fort is an integral part of the landscape that stands out because of its singular geometric design in the shape of a five-point star. The famous tourist attraction is also home to Acapulco's History Museum. Through its 15 exhibition rooms or halls, the museum throws light on the relevant moments in Acapulco's history. You can also learn from the guide about the earliest inhabitants of the area, Acapulco's role in trade with Asia, as well as the building's history and its role in Mexico's War of Independence. Admission is free on Sundays.

HIKING AROUND PALMA ARCHAEOLOGICAL SITE – Located within El Veladero national park – six kilometers northeast of Old Acapulco, is an archaeological site namely Palma Sola. It houses two-thousand-year-old petroglyphs and rock carvings made by the Yopes, Acapulco's earliest known inhabitants. Besides being a place of historical & archaeological interest, the site offers eye captivating vistas of Acapulco and the bay. Escape the hustle and bustle of city life and see some of the natural area surrounding the urban zone. The site remains open daily!!

These are more than enough reasons to convince you to host your birthday party in a unique way. On board one of the luxurious birthday party yachts in Acapulco, take in the eye-captivating views of the surrounding lush green scenery, sail over the crystal clear water, sample the scrumptious cuisine, and have a blast with your group to create memories to cherish throughout a lifetime.