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Hire a Fishing Charter in Acapulco & Experience World Class Fishing

Hire a Fishing Charter in Acapulco & Experience World Class Fishing

Fishing is what originally drew many of the early tourists to Acapulco, and it is still an abundant area. The azure waters of Acapulco are home to billfish, striped marlin, pompano, bonito, red snapper, and tuna which can be spotted in the ocean all throughout the year. On the other side, carp, mullet, and catfish swim in the freshwater lagoons. Hop on your private fishing charter in Acapulco and be part of one of the most amazing fishing escapades in this beautiful destination.


Fishing Charters Acapulco


Sportfishing – Sportfishing can be enjoyed in Acapulco throughout the year. The turquoise blue water is home to the aquatic treasures that the Pacific Ocean has to offer. Its consistently warm and beautiful weather is what lures the anglers from across the world. This area is known for the abundant Pacific sailfish that can reach up to 10 ft and 2000 lbs. The waters beyond the mouth of Acapulco Bay teem with world-class big game fish.


Deep Sea Fishing – Spend a half day wrestling with some of the biggest game fish in the Pacific, including sailfish, mahi-mahi, and marlin whilst you enjoy Acapulco's tropical scenery and bask in the glorious sun. Daytime deep sea fishing is usually done from 3 to 8 miles from the shore where the sailfish and others are abundant.


Night Time Bottom Fishing – As the sun goes down, hop on a fishing charter in Acapulco to enjoy your deep sea fishing excursion in the open waters beyond the Acapulco Bay. Night time bottom fishing can be done in the Acapulco Bay and surrounding area where red snapper & grouper are caught. Enjoy the nighttime coastal scenery from the deck as you drop your line and get ready to hook the trophy fish swimming beneath the surface.




Although sport fishing can be experienced all throughout the year in Acapulco, the following information might prove helpful in planning your Acapulco fishing trip. This information may vary slightly year to year because there are several factors that will affect fish population and migration. From December to August, the fishing conditions are excellent, from August to October they are very good and fair in the months of October and November.


Kinds of Fish You Can Come Across in Acapulco


SAILFISH – Sailfish is the trademark of Acapulco’s deep sea fishing escapade. Sailfish enjoy warm weather and this is the reason why they can be spotted here in abundance. When a sailfish is hooked with live or dead bait, it will perform leaps and dives to set itself free. This is an entertaining and exciting event of the fishing escapade the angler is part of.


Pacific Blue Marlin – This particular marlin fish has a beautiful cobalt blue color with sharp dorsal and anal fins and pectoral fins that fold back against its body. This fish is famous for using its bill to stun their prey, mostly tuna. They are also popular amongst the anglers as it can grow up to 15 feet and 1800 lbs.


Dorado – The Dorado fish can be caught most of the year, however, the peak season ranges from September to March. This fish is popular amongst the anglers as it can grow up to 80 lbs. It is also famous for yummy meat.


Hop on a comfortable fishing charter in Acapulco that will take you safely into the sea and will help you to catch that trophy. Don’t forget to capture pictures of your catch for the day.


Being one of the most visited destinations in Mexico, it should be on your vacation bucket list! Memorable vacation days full of relaxation and rest, between the sea and the natural resources, will make your visit to Acapulco a memorable one.