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Host Your Wedding in Acapulco and Let Your Guests be a part of…

Host Your Wedding in Acapulco and Let Your Guests be a part of…

Destination wedding in Acapulco gives you sand and sun, elegance and a perfect place to start your lives together. Located in Mexico’s infamous “Triangle of the Sun”, Acapulco is full of beauty, romance, relaxation, and adventure. Your wedding party deserves an added something outside of the norm. One of the best parts of hosting your wedding here is you can select a wedding charter in Acapulco as your venue. You can have fireworks on the beach, mariachi bands or even violinists and professional crew that will help you take care of all the fine details.

Wedding charters Acapulco

Along with celebrations, your guests can cool off in the shade whilst treating their taste buds to a scrumptious meal while watching the La Quebrada cliff divers plunge into the shallow depths below. You, with your guests, can also learn to dive, go snorkeling and explore the mysteries of the deep. When the sun sets below the azure horizon, it’s time to go out on the deck and take in the mesmerizing views of the surroundings!

Whilst hosting your wedding, you along with your guests can be part of the below-mentioned activities:

CLIFF DIVING AT LA QUEBRADA – The activities for the wedding can kick off by visiting a classic tourist attraction in Acapulco. At La Quebrada you can see professional divers jump from the high cliffs, often twisting and turning acrobatically in the air, before safely landing in the waters at the bottom. The cliff divers perform five times a day. It is true entertainment, both nerve-wracking and incredibly impressive all at once, however, it is not for faint-hearted. Even the tourists are not allowed to partake, given the serious risk of injury, but you can enjoy the spectacle.

SNORKEL AT LA ROQUETA ISLAND – The crystalline waters in Acapulco ensure that no visitor goes back without trying some snorkeling. It is one of the top activities to try while you’re on holiday in this charming city. Aboard your private wedding charter in Acapulco, set sail on the turquoise blue waters to reach La Roqueta Island. Here, under the guidance of an expert, set out on a snorkeling adventure to see colorful tropical fish and extensive marine vegetation. A national reserve celebrated for its flora and fauna will make your day all the more special.

RELEASE SEA TURTLES – Take a break from relaxation or more specifically for wildlife and be part of turtle conservation and release project. The professional crew on board your yacht charter can arrange your tour to the sanctuary. While here, you can release the baby turtles back into the water. Although the turtle releases are seasonal, you can see the hatching period of the turtles or any other stage in their cycle.

CATCH BLUE MARLIN, DORADO – Acapulco is one of the best big game fishing destinations in the Pacific. Anglers can look for large marlin, yellow fin tuna and much much more. Sharks are numerous at any time of the year. For those who would like to try lighter tackle, there is also excellent seasonal small game fishing for bonito, jacks, or Spanish mackerel. Sailfish can be found in abundance here. And the Pacific Blue Marlins can grow up to 15ft and 1800 lbs. Dorado can be caught all throughout the year. The professional chef on board can cook your catch for you on the spot.

LEISURELY STROLL AT THE BEACH – Acapulco experiences year-round weather, hence, the guests in the leisure time can stroll through the sandy beaches. You can bask lazily in the sun and can be part of any of the plenty of ongoing activities such as bungee jumping or parasailing – the beaches have it all. For guests looking to be part of water sports activities, they can head to Playa Condesa. Playa Caleta and Caletilla.  Each have gentle waves and are preferred by families with small children. You can also head out to the lovely beach at Puerto Marques.

Getting married on board your own private wedding charter in Acapulco is a beautiful and romantic way to celebrate your special day and make it all the more memorable for your friends and relatives. A beautiful setting, incredible climate, and exotic atmosphere make Acapulco a wonderful location for your wedding.