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Hosting Your Wedding Reception in Acapulco? Discover These Tourist Attractions

Hosting Your Wedding Reception in Acapulco? Discover These Tourist Attractions

If you're looking for a memorable and magical wedding reception venue, a luxury wedding reception yacht rental is the perfect setting. A wedding reception on the water could be the most romantic of all, and it will surely be a special treat for your guests as they celebrate in style! Acapulco is a great beach destination, where you can fully enjoy the sun, sand and sea.


Its beaches are ideal for water sports and are the perfect place for your guests to rest and relax in the leisure time. Here, they can also take in the mesmerizing views of nature while the sun sets over the ocean. But, at the same time, Acapulco is also home to many tourist attractions. Discover the history and culture of this exciting city by visiting the below-mentioned tourist attractions which have witnessed the conquest, independence and modern times.

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Cathedral of Our Lady of Solitude – Built in 1990, Our Lady of Solitude Cathedral is the main Catholic temple of the city of Acapulco. In its perfectly amalgamated architecture, the guests can admire details of both the neocolonial architecture and the Moorish and Byzantine style. The interior of the church is decorated with gold tiles and mosaics. The Virgin of Solitude has been the patron saint of Acapulco and people come here to offer their prayers and seek blessings.


Centro Internacional Acapulco – This modern water park is perfect for the whole family as it offers fun attractions and the highest safety standards. Since it is the perfect tourist attraction in Acapulco for the little ones, the fun pools and slides can be enjoyed by all because at the end they are more daring. You can also enjoy the show and swim with dolphins. This place has all the amenities for you to spend the whole day in the water while enjoying the fun atmosphere.


La Casa De La Mascara – The house of masks also known as Casa de la Mascara is popular for its hand-carved wooden masks. This convenient and rewarding stop features the collection of elaborately painted masks. These masks have been painted in accordance with an annual calendar of traditional dances and fiestas of which they are an intimate part. Some are based on indigenous traditions, depicting jaguars, deer, skeletons, and many other characters from Aztec and Olmec mythology. The museum is small but interesting!


Papagayo Park – This protected natural area is spread in an area of 49 acres. Here the nature enthusiasts can interact with a wide variety of animals and birds that migrate from the northern part of the continent. The biodiversity combines with features like cultural, recreational activities and sports to create the ideal place for a family outing. The park is also home to a soccer field, basketball and volleyball court, an auditorium, a library, swimming pools, three lakes, a cycling track, skating and rides.


San Diego Fort – Located on a hill in the heart of downtown Acapulco, the Fort of San Diego is the most relevant historic monument. The fort is an integral part of the landscape that stands out because of its singular geometric design in the shape of a five-point star. Today this important monument houses a history museum. Through its 15 exhibition rooms or halls, the museum tries to depict the most vital moments in Acapulco's history and the important role the fortress has played in the local dweller's lives.


La Quebrada – Take your guests to watch the cliff divers jump from the high cliffs, often twisting and turning acrobatically in the air, before safely landing in the waters at the bottom at La Quebrada. It has become the symbol of the city and a popular Acapulco attraction. Given the serious risk of injury involved in this activity, the tourists are not allowed to partake. The experienced cliff divers perform 4 times in a day.


With so many activities to enjoy, your guests will not get bored while attending your wedding reception in Acapulco. A wedding reception yacht rental is your best choice for hosting your reception on the water in Acapulco. We, at Yachts Acapulco, will customize your yacht reception package to meet your special requirements.