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How to Keep Your Guests Entertained During Your Acapulco Wedding Reception

How to Keep Your Guests Entertained During Your Acapulco Wedding Reception

Planning a destination wedding in Acapulco can be overwhelming and at times confusing. But, hosting your wedding reception in Acapulco can be a beautiful and romantic way to experience your special day. A beautiful setting, amazing weather, affordable price, and an exotic locale make Acapulco a great choice for your destination wedding.


Acapulco is the perfect place to enjoy your wedding celebrations. In addition to the beautiful views and predictable weather, your guests have the opportunity to enjoy the tropical exotic locations on board a private wedding reception yacht rental. Guests will have myriad of things to enjoy at the beaches during the day and evening activities on board their private yacht.


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Acapulco offers an incredible number of diverse activities to its visitors, and below are a few mentioned activities your guests can participate in while in Acapulco during your wedding celebrations:


In The Morning – Catch a trophy – Acapulco is famous amongst anglers for its sportsfishing. The consistent warm and beautiful weather makes sportfishing in Acapulco a popular activity and for the large variety of aquatic treasures that call its water their home. This area is known for the abundant Pacific sailfish that can reach up to 10 ft and 2000 lbs. The kind of fish you might end up catching in Acapulco include Sailfish, Pacific Blue Marlin and Dorado. Night time bottom fishing is done in the Acapulco Bay and surrounding area where red snapper & grouper can be caught. Acapulco sportfishing is an activity that everyone in the family can enjoy regardless of their age or experience.


Towards The Noon – Enjoy the cliff diving at La Quebrada – People throughout the world have either seen or heard of the dare-devil divers who time the waves before diving in between two narrow sharp cliffs. Take your guests to enjoy this thrilling show. Here the cliff divers jump from a 115-foot high cliff often twisting and turning acrobatically in the air. La Quebrada cliff diving has become a symbol of the city and a popular Acapulco attraction among locals and tourists alike. The divers perform daily three times and sometimes even at night with an illuminated torch.


Towards The Evening – Take in the mesmerizing hues of sunset – Mexico is famous amongst travelers for its eye-captivating sunsets and Acapulco is not behind in the list. On board your own private wedding reception yacht rental, sail on the turquoise blue waters and take in the panoramic views of the radiant sun while it sets into the Pacific Ocean. As it makes its way into the Pacific Ocean, the sky will change its colors from blue to orange, pink and red. This transformation is eye opening and  is great to capture on camera. From the views of the bay to the hues of the sky, there's no more perfect place than Acapulco to witness the eye captivating views of the sunset.


In The Evening – Enjoy the night out & night views of Acapulco – As your private yacht sails over the crystal clear waters, take in the spectacular views of Acapulco's brightly illuminated skyline. Mexican food is famous amongst all the food enthusiasts across the world, and no trip is complete if you haven't tasted the local traditional cuisines. Do ask your crew to prepare the scrumptious “Pescado a la talla” dish, which is a typical Mexican fish but served with an Acapulco-twist, for you and your guests.


The above mentioned reasons are just a few of the convincing reasons your guests will have a gala time while you exchange your “vows” and start a new phase of your life. The professional crew on board your private wedding reception yacht rental in Acapulco will ensure that your special event is magical and unforgettable! The Yachts Acapulco team can make your once-in-a-lifetime event or special occasion extra memorable! Contact one of our charter consultants to plan your itinerary today!