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In Acapulco This January, Make Your Stay Memorable With These Activities

In Acapulco This January, Make Your Stay Memorable With These Activities

Acapulco – Mexico's original party town is famous for its stunning topography of soaring cliffs. The wide bays, intimate coves, fringed with sandy beaches, backed by jungle green hills all make this landmark the most visited tourist destination in the Mexican Caribbean. Acapulco is one of the most sought destinations and most popular amongst foreign tourists and adventure-seekers alike.

Fishing charters AcapulcoBeing one of the most visited in Mexico, Acapulco offers an incredible number of diverse activities to its visitors such as golfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, and fishing. One of the best ways to enjoy these activities is to hop on a private boat charter in Acapulco. There is perhaps no better location than the pristine waters of Acapulco. Our special occasion fishing boat charter in Acapulco can be customized & tailored to your ideas, expectations and budget in order to ensure that your vacation becomes magical and unforgettable!




Sports Fishing – Amongst the water-based activities, sports fishing in Acapulco is the most preferred. Hop on a private fishing charter in Acapulco and look for  Marlin, Sailfish, Tuna, Dorado, Teleostei, Guachinango, Sea Bass and Pompano. Acapulco sports fishing is available year round. Puerto Marques, Playa de Caleta and Barra Vieja are excellent places and considerred favorites among sport fishing lovers in Acapulco. Acapulco sports fishing is an activity that everyone in the family can enjoy regardless of age or experience. Night time bottom fishing is also done in the Acapulco Bay and surrounding area where red snapper & grouper can be caught.


Snorkeling – The coral reefs located in the surroundings of the Acapulco coasts make scuba diving the main activity along the Pacific coasts. The colorful submarine species and vegetation offer endless hours of exploration and entertainment, especially in Las Gatas Beach. The beaches Icacos, Roqueta Island, Caleta and Caletilla are good points for the practice of scuba diving and snorkeling. The species of marine fauna you can come across in this zone includes octopus, lobster, turtle, whale sharks, rays, seahorse, dolphins, whales, sea urchin, sea cucumber, puffers and many more, as well as a large variety of colorful fish from tropical and reefs zones.


Beaches – Dotted along the city's shoreline is a diverse collection of a large number of beaches which are famous for their soft and easy waves. All the beaches guarantee ample fun activities to participate in while at the beach.  The most well-known beaches are La Condesa, Icacos, Pie de la Cuesta, Tamarindos, Caleta, Caletilla, Hornos and Hornitos. On the other hand, La Roqueta and Bonfil are great for adventurous types, and Pie de la Cuesta is famous for the panoramic views of the sunsets and the lush green surroundings. A leisurely stroll on the beaches is recommended for a more idyllic outing and all those looking for a relaxing getaway.




Golfing – Acapulco, the ‘Pearl of the Pacific’ is a vibrant and exciting destination amongst golfers. Whatever your golfing desires, Acapulco has a course for you. Acapulco is home to 4 excellent eighteen hole courses, plus a gem of a nine golf course. Whether you are looking for a championship course, a golf resort or a quick nine holes there is something to appeal to everyone. Club de Golf de Acapulco was the first golf course to be built and is simply a rewarding facility. Other impressive gold courses include Tres Vidas Golf Course, Turtle Dunes Country Club, The Princess Mundo Imperial Golf Course and Vidanta Golf Acapulco.


Historic Sites – While on the vacation, gain some knowledge about the destination you are visiting. For this, you need to visit archaeological sites. Acapulco is the destination where the travelers and locals alike can witness a perfect amalgamation of the rich historic past, culture and traditions. The Fort of San Diego, the History Naval Museum, House of the Winds, and the archaeological zone of Palma Sola are amongst the must-visit places. This exploration tour will give you a deep insight into the rich historic past of this not so traveled destination.


Acapulco has something for everyone, regardless of the age and taste. Our professional crew on board the private fishing boat charter in Acapulco will ensure the fun and excitement of your vacation begins the moment you step aboard your private yacht! The unsurpassed experience and high-quality services will surely make your vacation a truly memorable one.