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Try These Five Great Things When in Acapulco for a Corporate Event

Try These Five Great Things When in Acapulco for a Corporate Event

The rich cultural heritage, centuries-long history, and magnificent architecture make Acapulco one of the most popular destinations for hosting special events, including corporate events. Acapulco has earned a reputation as a great beach destination and for good reasons. Considering this location to host your next corporate event is just amazing! What better way to thank your colleagues and staff than by organizing a party on board your own private fishing charter in Acapulco.


Fishing charters Acapulco

No...No....No, Acapulco is not only about the beaches, or just another stop for the couples looking for a romantic escapade. Instead, there's something more to Acapulco than what meets the eye. A superyacht is the perfect setting to promote a new idea, projects or strategy to staff or clients. While being part of the corporate event, your team can explore Acapulco beyond the beach, by being part of the following great things.


EL ROLLO ACAPULCO – When your team of employees get bored with the golden sand and still feel like spending some time by the water, then a visit to El Rollo Acapulco is just the ticket. The modern water park is the perfect way to spend a day with the colleagues, lolling in the pools, splashing water on each other, enjoying the dolphin show, or shooting down the twists and turns of the water slides. Splash in the huge wave pool after zipping down, or try out the Sky Coaster, which takes you soaring to dizzying heights with views looking out over the beach.


DEEP SEA FISHING – Hop on your own private fishing charter in Acapulco and set sail on the azure waters to be part of the most admired water-based activity – Deep Fishing. Look for Marlin, Sailfish, Tuna, Dorado, Teleostei, Guachinango, Sea Bass and Pompano. Fishing in Acapulco is available all throughout the year. And even if you don’t land a sailfish, you may well see dolphins or a whale. You can’t lose, either way. Night time bottom fishing is also done in the Acapulco Bay and surrounding area, where red snapper & grouper can be caught.


PAPAGAYO PARK – Spanning over 49 acres of protected area, Papagayo Park is the best place to get up close and personal with a wide variety of migratory birds and other animals that call Acapulco their home. The awesome park is filled with greenery and attractions – three lakes, a playground, soccer field and more. The adventurous visitors can skate through the park or paddle on one of its three lakes, or even go for a spin on the cycling track. You and your group can also relax at one of the parks many restaurants.


CLIFF DIVERS AT  LA QUEBRADA – Take your employees to watch the cliff divers jump from the high cliffs, often twisting and turning acrobatically in the air, before safely landing in the waters at the bottom at La Quebrada. It is a true entertainment, both nerve-wracking and incredibly impressive, all in one go. You can also go for diving into the deep at spots like Piedra Blanca and El Bajo. Or you can go on an exciting, high-speed boat ride. All in all. while at Acapulco, indulge your sense of adventure in high adrenaline activities with your employees.


CALANDRIAS – Festooned with multicolored balloons and other decorative objects, these popular horse-drawn carriages take the visitors for a ride. The carriage will take you along the Costera Miguel Aleman, Acapulco's main avenue, from the traffic circle at La Diana to Papagayo Park. Once the sun sets over the ocean, calandrias turn into a party on wheels. The passengers can take in the spectacular views of the neon lights dotted along the lane and the different neon lights of the main restaurants, bars and clubs along the route.


These are some of the activities your team can be part of in this lovely city on the Pacific Coast of Mexico. The majority of beaches offer a myriad of water sports like scuba diving, snorkeling and kayaking. The private fishing charters in Acapulco can also make suitable arrangements for other activities so that you can make the most out of your visit to Acapulco and have a memorable corporate event.