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Why Acapulco Is Considered To Be A Fisherman’s Paradise?

Why Acapulco Is Considered To Be A Fisherman’s Paradise?

Nestled snuggly between majestic mountains and the Pacific Ocean, Acapulco is one of the best big game fishing destinations in the Pacific. Situated around the horseshoe shaped natural bay, with hills and cliffs on either side, along with fishing, anglers can enjoy incredible views of the entire bay, the city and all of the beaches within the bay. Sport fishing in Acapulco has since long been a popular activity due to two reasons: firstly, aquatic treasures that call Pacific ocean their home, and secondly, its warm and beautiful weather.


Fishing boat charter Acapulco


Although the winter months are the peak of the fishing season for sailfish and dorado, other fish species can be caught year round. Don’t waste any more time! Hop on your private fishing boat charter and spend a half day wrestling with some of the biggest game fish in the Pacific, including sailfish, mahi-mahi, and marlin. This area is known for the abundant Pacific sailfish that can reach up to 10 ft and 2000 lbs.


Types of Fish Species That Call Acapulco Their Home


Sailfish – This is the trademark deep water fish species of Acapulco. Sailfish favor warm weather and this is the reason why they can be found in abundance here. When a sailfish is hooked with live or dead bait, it will perform leaps and dives to set itself free. This can be an entertaining and exciting event for the angler.


Pacific Blue Marlin – This particular marlin is famous for its beautiful cobalt blue color. The sharp dorsal, anal and pectoral fins that fold back against its body make it the second most popular fish of Acapulco. It uses its bill to stun their prey, mostly tuna. Some blue marlins can grow up to 15 t and 1800 lbs.


Dorado – It is one of the most colorful and iconic saltwater game fish in the entire world. The dorado can be caught most of the year but it peaks between September to March. It can grow up to 80 lbs and is popular for its meat. It can also be found in many tropical areas across the world. Some dorado can grow in excess of 80 lbs.


When anglers fish for sailfish, marlin, shark and swordfish, kindly note that only 1 catch is allowed of either and counts as 5 of any other species. And for dorado, roosterfish, shad or tarpon, only 2 is allowed of either and counts as 5 of any other species. In the ocean and estuaries of Acapulco, the total limit is 10 fish per day with no more than 5 fish for one species.


Acapulco's Sport Fishing Seasons

• Excellent fishing can be experienced from December to August


• Very Good fishing can be experienced from August to October


• Fairly good fishing can be experienced throughout the entire year


Daytime and Nighttime Fishing


Yes, Acapulco is one destination where you can experience both daytime and nighttime fishing.


• Daytime deep sea fishing is usually done from 3 to 8 miles from the shore. Here the anglers can spot sailfish and others in abundance. Spend a half day wrestling with some of the biggest game fish in the Pacific, including sailfish, mahi-mahi, and marlin along with taking in the mesmerizing views of the surrounding tropical scenery. You can also bask in the glorious sun.


• Nighttime bottom fishing can also be experienced in Acapulco bay and the surrounding areas. Here the anglers can end up catching red snapper and grouper. As the sun goes down, spend your evening wrestling with some of the biggest game fish. Later you can head to La Quebrada to enjoy the nighttime cliff diving. The divers perform stunts using an illuminated torch.


Fishing in Acapulco is one such activity that everyone in the family can enjoy and have a memorable fishing experience, regardless of age or experience level. The professional fishing guide and crew on board your own private fishing boat charter in Acapulco are experienced and knowledgeable. They will take you to the best fishing spots and provide the necessary guidance in securing your trophy catch. So do not waste time! Book your fishing charter in advance and making your Acapulco vacation a memorable one for everyone in the family.